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comicdiaries's Journal

Comic Diaries
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post a journal entry in comic form!
The Lowdown:

Comic Diaries is a community where members are invited to post journal entries in comic form (daily, bi monthly, whatever). All artists from all skill levels are encouraged to post from total beginners to hardcore professional artists. Any medium is welcome: traditional, digital, oil paint, graphite, ink, tar and feathers, etc. Don't worry if your life is not all adventure and scandal, we welcome "the mundane" and comics about yogurt with open arms - this is about your life, not Jack Bower's life*. No pressure, this is just for fun!

*unless you are jack bowers, then..that's cool.

Here are some online comic journals to inspire you:

The Journal Comic by Drew Weing
DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary by Erika Moen (warning: not always safe for work); more at her site
American Elf: The Sketchbook Diaries by James Kolchalka
Jen Wang (poke around her art section)
Comics by Rosemary Van Deuren, also check out her illustrated dream journal (+comics about her bunny) (warning: not always safe for work)
Comics to Make Love To by Derek Kirk Kim (warning: awesome, but not always work safe; don't let the title deceive you, though, most of his comics are pg-13)
Return to Sender by Vera (ok, this isn't an auto-bio comic, but i wish it were)
Pirate Trish's blog
Krispy Smith's autobio comics on deviant
Imitation of Life by Neil
Jeffrey Brown

any recommendations? please let me know!

tha rules:

1. comic journals can be about anything as long as they are true (dream journal comics also welcome)
2. all large images (use your discretion) should be behind a cut to save our f-lists/computers from dying (don't forget a little preview!); comics with more than one page should be behind a cut as well, the first page can be before the cut as a "teaser", though
3. there is no limit to how frequently you can post, if you've got something to write about then write about it
4. graphic/NSFW comics are welcome, as long as you post behind a lj-cut with a warning
5. constructive crits are welcome only if the user asks for them, otherwise just enjoy a little peek into someone else's life.
6. feel free to "friends only" any comic post you want to, sometimes comics can be of a more personal nature and it's totally cool if you want it to remain somewhat more private
7. please don't promote lj comms or art sales here - unless you have a journal comic you'd like show us and then link us to